Making time for yourself....

After having a baby few years ago, I struggled a lot with my weight. I was at my highest weight ever and not only did I feel like I didn’t look good, I felt horrible on the inside. It came to a point that I didn’t want to take pictures with my child because of the way I perceived myself. My confidence was definitely at my lowest, when I decided to make a change. For me this change happened right after Thanksgiving. I could no longer wait for a New Years resolution and I couldn’t wait until Monday. It had to be today because feeling down and being unhealthy was no longer an option for me. 

With the help of a personal trainer, I started to work out twice a week and eat clean meals. It took a lot of discipline and saying no to food sometimes. For me that was the biggest challenge as I love a good meal. However, seeing the pounds shed off was the biggest reward. I started to feel better about myself and I noticed an improvement in my health as I learned to eat clean. A year after I made that decision, I reached my weight goal and personal goals. I felt accomplished and proud of myself. I think the biggest lesson about this experience is that you have to put in the hard work and make time for yourself. Only you can control your actions. Do I eat healthy 100% of the timenow, the answer is no. But having a balance is key. For everyone who feels like weight loss is impossible, that is simply not the case. It isn’t easy, however if you set your mind and make it one of your priorities anything is possible. 

The key is setting “me” time no matter how busy life may seem to be. Not only do I feel better about myself, I hope it’s made me a better person to those around me.


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