Many sides of me....

My story is unique to me, yet one that many individuals can relate to. As a mom of two, a wife, a therapist, instructor, photographer, progressaholic and my biggest critic I find myself racing against the clock to “get it all done”. The truth is that, I’m enough...period. Minutes turn into hours, that turn into days and weeks and before I know it the list has quadrupled and I feel like I’ve barely made strides. Too easily do I fall into judging myself and beating myself up for not doing enough...not being enough. But to be totally honest with you... I’m enough just as I am right now, totally and completely. I am exactly where I need to be and am learning the lessons I need to know today, to help me be prepared for tomorrow. The first time I really let that concept sink in I felt a weight lifted off of me and a wave of acceptance and love flood in. I remind myself daily that even when I feel like I’m failing, like I’m slipping behind the mark I’ve set for myself, I stop for a moment and just let that feeling go! Leave! It’s not serving me, and it’s not contributing to my growth. Embracing the hard times, the risks, the struggles all make us more resilient, tenacious and, well, great! My story if of me walking through the darkness when I don’t really know the direction I “should be” going in, but just following my internal guiding light, because I believe in it and in myself. I am more than my fears and insecurities, so much more...I’m neverles.

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